The moment has come when we need even more fresh brains for the most daring projects.
The moment has come when we need even more fresh brains for the most daring projects.
Project manager


Managing projects to develop different types of sites (from landing pages to complex online stores with CRM systems);

Control over project profitability and project budget management;

Keeping business correspondence, ability to present work

Project immersion: market analysis, study of the competitive environment, analysis of customer needs

Website mindmap development

Managing a team of developers, designers, SEO specialists, analysts

Drawing up terms of reference and timing of projects;

Keeping reports;

Quality and deadline control

Preparation and approval of business and functional requirements for the client objectives


Experience as a project manager in a web studio or digital agency is a must;

Experience in managing a team of website developers;

Knowledge and experience with 1C-Bitrix;

Ability to plan and prioritize tasks;

Ability to make important decisions and take responsibility for those decisions;

Desire and desire to help customers, get the benefits of work and additional bonuses.

Ability to generate technical requirements based on vague requirements.

Willingness to continually understand new technology, develop and benefit from the experience gained.

Your qualities:


The ability to find a common language with all project participants, skillfully delegate tasks.

Initiative and attention to detail, desire to understand and optimize processes.

Competent verbal and written skills

Responsibility for the final result and decisions made.

Stress-resistance, multi-tasking with burning deadlines.

Ability to make quick decisions and find solutions.

Frontend developer


Building an interface for B2C and B2B projects in Vue.js 2 (transition to 3 is planned).

Working with REST API.

A moderate amount of mobile-first makeup, component design system development.

Involvement in UI/UX development.


From 3 years of working with frameworks, necessarily Vue.js 2.

Ability to do mobile-first semantic adaptive layout.

Basic understanding of UI/UX and design.

Experience in code profiling and optimization, finding memory leaks.

Experience in testing.

Understanding of SOLID, accessibility principles, experience with SSR and performance optimization will be a plus. 

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