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The moment has come when we need even more fresh brains for the most daring projects.
Mobile apps
Corporate websites
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B2B portals
  • The implementation of E-commerce projects makes it possible to scale the business by offering its products and services not only to the local audience, but also to the customers from all around the world. When creating an E-commerce for the businesses of our partners, we comprehensively structure and combine the logic of both, the new project and of the existing solutions. The advanced technology stack makes it possible to opt the best choice for medium-sized and large businesses.

    E-commerce projects based on our innovative cases are adaptive for diverse niches. Extensive experience in working with various business segments, broad competencies and integrations allowed us to build our own strong approach to cooperation.

  • Mobile app development is a way to automize the business and fulfill a vast range of tasks. When creating a mobile application, we strive for the reliability and stability of key indicators that correspond to the tasks set.

    The service of mobile app development involves the creation of mobile and mobile+web applications. Mobile development exclusively includes design, creation of a unique and user-friendly interface, responsive design of graphic elements, complex software development, testing, publishing, and subsequent technical support.

    Mobile and web applications simplify doing business, as they fulfill a vast range of tasks, in addition to the targeted one. The technology is used in the process of creating CRM-systems, for internal corporate employees use, for retail, and for other diverse tasks. During the whole process, we form requirements to the infrastructure and configure them accordingly.

  • Scrutinously-designed corporate website helps a business to reach the next level. High-quality research with full immersion in a niche makes it possible to accurately tell about the company's mission, convey it not only to your customers, but also to your partners. The development is carried out by a team of designers, creative and marketing specialists, and developers with innovative work approaches. During the development process, unique tools are implemented to fulfill the most complex tasks. We create a strong brand image, which is attractive to both, clients and specialists, an image that demonstrates the ability to reach the business’s highest potential.
  • One of the main indicators of business scaling is infrastructure growth. In order for the proper project’s functioning, constant support of all the processes is required. The regular daily workload for our company is over 1,000,000 users per day. We strongly believe that every downtime is a loss for your business. We make sure that the system works correctly and may not be interrupted. In order to achieve such high standards, our specialists use a variety of analytical and technical tools that make it possible to interact with large amounts of information. Each project is assigned with a specialist-developer who conducts comprehensive monitoring and control. The results are as follows:
    1. flexible system.
    2. the ability to quickly make any changes required.
    3. stable performance and full adaptiveness of the project to the operational analysis of the data obtained.
  • Your own B2B portal implies convenience for a business partner, increased productivity, reduced customer churn and full optimization, and partial atomization of business tasks set. The development of every B2B portal is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the given business niche. We offer adaptive solutions that can be enhanced by integrating a wide range of resources and tools.

    Algorithm for B2B portal’s creation is as follows:

    We design a solution taking into account the specifics of the given segment, integrate with the accounting systems, connect customers and provide the necessary information. As a result, all the interactions are held online, which makes it possible to track orders and cooperate in your personal account. We offer solutions that optimize external and internal processes, and automize most of the business activities that are aimed at interaction with customers.

  • Team

    Development stages

    Qualitative research
    Analytical report
    A/B testing
    • Every product has measurable KPIs, which can be used to determine the main stages of its creation and subsequent development. We form individual KPIs at the beginning of the project after the conduction of comprehensive research of user experience. Such analytical approach makes it possible to fully understand the needs of the audience, and the interaction of the target audience with the product, in order to adapt the product to the customer’s needs. At the same time, we also take into account the customer experience itself. This is done by conducting interviews with the users and business partners. The result is that the customer's issue is resolved, while the benefits for the end client are preserved.
    • One of the main backgrounds of any project is qualitative research, which becomes the basis for the CJM user experience map. During the process, we use in-depth interviews and diary studies, which make it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the user's interaction with the product. To confirm or refute the results, we additionally conduct usability testing of websites and mobile applications.
      Based on the results obtained, we create characters and possible scenarios for interaction with the website or mobile application. This approach allows us to spot all the challenges for the user. As a result, we offer solutions that fully satisfy and prioritize the needs of the target audience.
    • Based on the research results, we draw up a detailed analytical report. We segmentize the audience based on the user experience. This allows us to set tasks for the design department with a highest accuracy. The report becomes the basis for creating a project prototype that matches the KPIs set.
    • While working on each project, we evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed changes using A/B testing.
    Technical task
    • Visualization of a future project involves building a page structure based on logical blocks. Such a prototype allows concentration on the logic of the content without being distracted by the design.
      The next stage is the formation of the navigation of the future project according to the scenarios drawn up after analyzing the user experience. This allows clearly definition of the list of tasks for each page of the website/block of the mobile application. Building the scenarios allows the formation of a full-fledged navigation architecture of the project.
      In the process of prototype development, the method of information presentation is determined. Our team composes textual content, prepares illustrations, photos, and video content. Furthermore, the content-rich trial version is being tested, which allows you to understand the degree to which the business goals are being met. This assessment eliminates the likelihood of errors in the early stages of a project launch.
    • After receiving the requirements for a future product, a team of system-analysts draws up a technical task. The main components of the technical task are a description of the functional logic of the work of each section and the future project, and characteristics of non-functional requirements to the product. Based on the technical task, a software architecture is being developed, and data storage structure and a specification for integration are being formed. At the same time, information security specialists draw up requirements for the safety and confidentiality of data in various systems. The finalized technical task is then being approved by the client.
    Motion design
    • User interface design makes a website or mobile application convenient and friendly for the user. Through the process of creation, we focus on the logic of the behavior of your potential customer. When developing, we take into account cross-platforming and, therefore we offer solutions that would be visually appealing on iOS, Android, Windows or any other platform. UI-design is aimed at creating the correct emotional perception of the product. We make sure that each graphic element brings the user closer to making a purchase or ordering a service.
      UI-design development algorithm is as follows:
      1. Setting the task, which includes the choice of the platform and the analysis of user experience
      2. Creation of sketches of the future interface
      3. Development of a prototype to test the usability of the interface
      4. Data analysis to select the best match
      Finalized UI-design includes complex information architecture, interaction design, and graphical design. During the development process, we take into account the "aesthetic-usability" effect.
    • With a help of the motion design, we make your brand memorable by drawing the audience's attention specifically to the product. The animation graphics we offer harmoniously integrate illustrations, textual content, video, and audio. During the process of motion design creation, we focus on the unique characteristics and values of your business. When drawing up a project, the rules of composition build, typography, and color are taken into account.
      The implementation of each object involves the use of up-to-date tools that allow to achieve high definition and correct placement of light on the final image.
      We use an innovative approach focusing on the specifics of your business in addition to the global trends. This enables the creation of a comprehensive showreel that makes your brand memorable and recognizable on the market.
    • 3D Technology allows the development of complex and creative design solutions that make the brand recognizable and eye-catching. The technology involves the modification of a flat image into a three-dimensional one with the creation of virtual reality. When developing a page design, we create 3D objects that differ from standard flat images by depth, dynamism, and multi-layering. We enable each user to interact with the volumetric design both on the website and in the mobile application. This is facilitated by the correct layout of the space, the setting of shadows and layers, and the adaptation of illustrations and animations to the interface.
      If necessary, we implement stereoscopic 3D or synchronize the selected solution via motion design. Our team specializes on the approach of 3D implementation for a website based on 3D graphics in real time.
    Front-end development
    Back-end development
    • Front-end development is the basis for the implementation of a design project in order for the client to be able to assess visually the way the website would be seen. The coding itself is carried out strictly according to the layouts. Front-end involves setting up all the necessary functionality for the preliminary testing. Main stages of frontend development involve:
      1. Comprehensive study of analytics and website structure
      2. Confirmation and study of design layouts
      3. Configuration the task-manager Gulp
      4. Coding
      5. Code review
      6. Testing
      7. Final debugging and product delivery
      The front-end development is carried out by a team, which ensures prompt implementation.
    • The main goal of the back-end development is to bring the product to its full functionality. The process involves the implementation of the following: Coding integration; Platform’s functionality development: Admin panel’s interface customization: Role modeling and access gain.
      Product security provision Back-end development process involves activity in the following areas:
      1. Product implementation: coding, architecture, technology implementation, activities related to the testing site.
      2. Administrative block: actualization of materials.
      The final stage is the compliance check with SEO-recommendations, which are being developed individually for each project.
    • After the website or mobile application launch the work process is not being stopped. To help you drive performance gains for your business, we provide end-to-end product support. The support plan is individually drawn up for each project, which allows us to improve the finished products, and to maintain the efficiency of the projects.
    The most important competence of the Osminozhka team is management.

    Close cooperation with the clients allows to fulfill the most complex and specific tasks. Throughout the work process we tend to be on the same page with the clients which guarantees high efficiency and effectiveness of the partnership. Each project is assigned with an account and project managers. This generally allows to support and protect the interests of the client. The project manager makes sure that the partnership is beneficial and fulfills the interests of both parties.


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